I developed CatalyzIT to help healthcare professionals and administrators effectively integrate and use technology for communication and making treatment decisions. I am also a catalyst for change management in mindset and culture.

The data-driven doctor

Making the best decisions before and together with the patient

All of the information and services we need in our daily lives are available on the smartphone and computer within seconds. Unfortunately, this does not apply to the healthcare sector, and this deficiency is standing in the way of healthcare professionals being able to offer high-quality care. With CatalyzIT I am helping create data-driven doctors who have the digital support they need to do their job well and communicate with their colleagues.

My Focus

Changing the mindset and culture
Creating awareness among healthcare professionals and administrators that using digital technology is a prerequisite for offering excellent healthcare, now and in the future.
Managing expectations
Focusing the expectations of healthcare providers and ICT specialists on the desired process improvement instead of on technological features.
Openness towards patients
Communicating clearly about the patient’s health, both in personal conversations as well as online. Also properly determining the type of information the patient needs.
Matching supply and demand
Aligning the supply of digital technology with the needs of healthcare professionals.
Digital data sharing
I am involved in various collaborative projects, such as and the development of a Personal Health Environment (Persoonlijke Gezondheidsomgeving [PGO]). As an ambassador of MedMij and SNOMED CT, I give advice about implementing digital communication standards in healthcare.
Artificial Intelligence
Entrenching Artificial Intelligence applications in clinical practice.

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presentations and workshops about technology, mindset and culture


to Boards of Directors about the role of ICT in healthcare


of up-and-coming doctors through knowledge institutes

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