In an effort to help catalyze the adoption of modern technology in healthcare I regularly spend my time publishing content on my own platform or by contributing to other platforms. On this page you will find several of my publications as well as collection of video materials.

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Press release: ‘Technology does not sufficiently facilitate the care process’

ICT&health, 02/2023

'What I am seriously concerned about in healthcare is that we do not yet have technology that allows us as healthcare professionals t

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Digital Security: What do we expect from it?

ICT&health, 11/2022

Just a few centuries ago, it was normal to hold witches responsible for cholera and typhoid fever. There was no sewage or water treat

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Toward a Sustainable Health Ecosystem Fixed on the Deepest Professional Values

TechREG CHRONICLE, 09/2022

Patients and healthcare professional need to take the lead in technology as digital starts with human values and human needs. It’s cr

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Congress “From Hippocrates to Data-Driven Doctor?”

MDO Congress, 09/2022

"Basically, today's full room is an extended multidisciplinary consultation (MDO)," says surgical trainee and chairperson Emma Bruns.

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Time for technology that delivers health benefits!

Cisco Live, 05/2022

'If I become a doctor, I can provide the best care for someone and focus on improving healthcare and health.' That was my motivation

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The consultation room on social media: are we ready for it?

ICT&health, 02/2022

As a medical specialist, I see every patient contact as an opportunity to improve. It is an addictive sport to be able to tune in bet

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Our values as a society are reflected in digital developments. For me: the Hippocratic Oath

DCSP, 01/2022

During the industrial revolution, urbanization produced diseases like cholera and typhoid fever that put enormous pressure on public

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How Does Venture Or Startup Contribute To Healthcare?

ICT&Health, 09/2021

“As a physician, you need to be involved in healthcare innovation from the design phase,” argues Gabriëlle Speijer, Radiation Oncolog

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Doctors leading the way in innovation design!

ICT&health, 05/2021

Technology is essential for healthcare, and nobody doubts that anymore. Everyone now knows that innovation involves more than just bu

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‘What does venture or startup contribute to health care?”

Get in the Ring 2021, 04/2021

"As a physician, you should be involved in healthcare innovation from the design phase," says Gabriëlle Speijer, radiation oncologist

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Data at the heart of healthcare

VBHC Thinkers Magazine, 12/2020

Insight in the complete patient’s health situation really needs to grow as the information now available is insufficient and on top o

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The use(lessness) of contact-tracing apps

, 04/2020

We write during the first week of April 2020, in the midst of the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic. The Netherlands is in an ‘i

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The coronavirus: a test case for excellent remote healthcare

ICT&Health, 03/2020

Fear of the coronavirus has gripped the world as a result of the constant media coverage. Hand sanitizer and surgical masks are sold

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Digital preparedness of the healthcare sector

Multidisciplinary Aspects of COVID-19 Apps, 03/2020

Acting under time pressure in a situation in which a great deal is unknown also means risking less optimal choices, on emotional grou

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Column: ‘Data crucial tool for healthcare’

Column Zorghelden, 02/2020

Gabriëlle Speijer and Pim Volkert: Effectively using data in healthcare is the shared mission of Gabriëlle Speijer, a radiation oncol

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Embedding AI in healthcare: easier said than done

ICT&health, 01/2020

In current healthcare, the emphasis in most disciplines lies on the expertise of doctors and nurses, with digital technology playing

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Who still follows the Hippocratic Oath?

ICT&Health, 12/2019

As a doctor today you have less than 10 percent of what determines a patient's health. This small percentage of information is also d

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“Data driven doctor becomes datacurator of patient data”

ICT&Health, 12/2019

When it comes to investing in ICT, facilitating fast, effective communication between healthcare professionals is a neglected one. Th

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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: Untapped potential

De Jonge Specialist, 12/2019

The use of artificial intelligence is inevitable if we want to keep healthcare efficient and affordable in the future.

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Column: The biggest medical mistake

De Medisch Specialist, 09/2019

As doctors, we provide only a part of the care: within the framework of a department, a specialty, a healthcare institution, a region

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Hospitals leave ICT opportunities untapped

ICT&Health, 05/2019

“When you talk about ICT in the context of specialist medical care, we almost always refer to the EPD. But the possibilities of ICT g

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The biggest medical failure of today

ICT&Health, 04/2019

Let me take you to 1971: Henry Moss, the president of The New York Academy of Sciences (surgeon and scientist) warned of the trend of

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Out of prehistoric times!

ICT&Health, 03/2019

Changes sometimes seem to occur unnoticed, even in clinical practice. For example, in a brain tumor that induces bitemporal hemianops

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Hoe werkt bestralen en uitleg radiotherapeut-oncoloog, Vlog

HagaNieuws, Februari 2022

Interview ‘ Corona Update’ Mobile Healthcare Innovation Café, Virtual conference

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