As a doctor, I see every day how difficult it is for healthcare professionals to gather the information they need about their patients. There is always a risk that we will overlook that one critical piece of data, which in my profession could be the difference between life or death. And that’s something I find unacceptable.

My mission is to eliminate this blind spot and create the right circumstances to allow healthcare professionals to return to their roots thanks to the right digital support: offering compassionate, confidential, personal healthcare.

The data-driven doctor

Digital support is crucial for today’s healthcare professional. That is why I am striving to create data-driven doctors who:

  • have direct access to all of their patient’s relevant health information;
  • can quickly and securely share patient data, findings and diagnoses with colleagues, both within and outside of their own discipline;
  • are always able to use state-of-the art technology to support their work.

“Healthcare professionals should be tested not only on their clinical skills but also on their interpersonal skills, such as openness, co-creation and the ability to work together. Connecting the heart and mind is not a soft skill but rather a prerequisite for being a good healthcare provider.”

Gabriëlle Speijer MD

Message of hope from the Healthcare Community

During the SARS-COV-19 Pandemic, HIMMS created a video with a message of hope. Below you find the clip of Gabrielle that was used, click here for the entire video.

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