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“Imagine 2020 as the turning point in the history of healthcare. As a healthcare professional, you make an impact by adopting the basic values of the modern healthcare provider, formulated as a contemporary version of the Hippocratic Oath: “I promise that my patients can entrust me with their health. To this end, I will leverage the available technology and render healthcare information valuable. I will also treat this healthcare information confidentially and make it available to both patients and knowledge networks of colleagues.”

Gabriëlle Speijer MD

Radiation Oncologist / Founder CatalyzIT

HIMMS Future50 International HealthIT leader

The movement towards a new structure of our healthcare system is up to speed now.
Because of the core values of our profession it’s essential to support this process. I.e. no judgment nor selection, full confidentiality and to hold space for what the others best outcome would be. As technology is only following, the human aspect is leading.


This is what I am involved in

I work as a radiation oncologist at Haga Hospital. I am also involved in various initiatives that are aligned with my mission of improving quality of care through the use of digital technology.


Blogs and articles

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Jurymember Mobile Healthcare 2021 Innovation of the Year Award 2021, Online, The Netherlands.

Member Advisory board Action Team Ministry of Health and Welfare ‘ Artificial Intelligence Dichtbij’ 2021

MBRT symposium ‘Back to the Future’, Keynote ‘the future of our profession’, Online, Jun 10th The Netherlands.

In House Education Program for medical specialists (in training) -opening keynote- Artificial Intelligence, Haga Ziekenhuis, Virtual event. The Hague, The Netherlands. June 2nd, 2021.

VBHC Prize 2021. Keynote ‘The Future of VBHC’. Buitenplaats Amerongen, The Netherlands. May 19th

VBHC Value-Based Dragons’ Grant & Endorsement 2021, Jurymember. Buitenplaats Amerongen, The Netherlands. in-person or as a hybrid event. May 18th

Get In The Ring Global Meetup 2021, Health, Well-Being & Education – Caring for the future, Jurymember, Global (virtual),Mar 9th, 2021.

Artificial Intelligence for & by physicians ‘Dokteren in de digitale wereld’. NVKF, SKMS, FMS, NVRO. ‘Occasional guest’ 5th and final webinar, virtual meeting. April 20th

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  • ASTRO20 Social Champion serving as Annual Meeting ambassador on social media during the conference of the American Society for Radiation Oncology.

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  • Active member of the Haga Hospital Innovation Lab (Innovatielab Hagaziekenhuis)
    Input for the new hospital website launching in summer 2019, linking pin in bringing in technology to the hospital workspace, report at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport 2018 on the clinical value of the new set of ZIBs in the interoperability topic between EHRs and other activities.
  • Clinical Auditor (‘NIAZ tracermethodiek’) (‘Netherlands Institute for Healthcare Accreditation tracer methodology’)
  • Opening Keynote Artificial Intelligence, Raad van Inspiratie Werkgroep Zorg 2025, Utrecht, The Netherlands, jun 6.
  • Speaker ‘Data Driven Doctor’ pre-programme HIMSSEurope Dutch Community , Helsinki, Finland, jun 11.
  • Panelist ‘Improving Workflows Engaging Providers’ HIMSS / Health 2.0, HIMSSEurope Conference, Helsinki, Finland, jun 12.
  • Member Closing Panel, ‘Leveranciers Meet Up’, Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports (VWS), The Hague, The Netherlands, jul 10.
  • Jurymember Medmij ‘Tikkie in de Zorg’, The Hague, The Netherlands, sep 17.
  • Speaker ‘Who still follows the Hippocratic oath? opening program inspiration week, Wilhelmina Ziekenhuis Assen (WZA), sep 23.
  • Thought Leader Meetingde Waag society, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, oct 7.
  • Speaker ICT&Health Top conference, Circustheatre, The Hague, The Netherlands, oct 8.
  • Interactive session ‘Data Driven DoctorDutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports (VWS), The Hague, The Netherlands, oct 24.
  • Jurymember VIP meeting and Pitch ‘Beter goed gejat’ Sleutelnet Ehealth Festival, Scheltema, Leiden, The Netherlands, oct 31.
  • Speaker ‘Data Driven Doctor and Artificial Intelligence’ Annual Conference NVvC (Dutch Society of Cardiologists), Papendal, The Netherlands, nov 7.
  • Speaker ‘Semantic Interoperability, what does that mean for a doctor?’ IHE-RSO Annual Conference ‘grenzeloos vertrouwen’, St. Maartenskliniek, Nijmegen,The Netherlands, nov 15.
  • Stakeholder and Future50 community Meeting HIMSS Europe, Helsinki, Finland, Dec 3-4.
  • (,
    Pitch to the Federation of Medical Specialists (FMS) promoting the need for further roll-out and providing content on breast cancer for patient-included multidisciplinary team for
  • Member of expert pool SNOMED FMS/Nictiz
  • Member of the website editorial board for NVRO (Dutch Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology), 2008-2010
  • Clinic representative NKI-AVL NVRO, 2005-2009
  • Member of the ‘curriculum onderwijsraad’ (‘Education Council Curriculum’) commission, Leuven, 1999-2002
  • Founder and Vice-President of the LVSO (Leuvense Vereniging voor Student- Onderzoekers [Leuven Association of Student Investigators]), Leuven, 2001-2002
  • Organisation MSRS (Medical Student Research Symposium), LVSO Leuven 27 March 2002

Where could we meet each other?

Mobile Healthcare Conference 2021 Closing Keynote ”Liefdevol openstaan als basishouding, samenwerken als uitgangspunt en technologie als katalysator’

Mobile Healthcare Innovator of the Year Award 

Nov 17th 2021 Jaarbeurs Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Keynote speaker at the Med-Tech World Summit  ‘The New Healthcare Pathway’ closing session with ‘ How to achieve real connectivity in this new healthcare world’, Nov 17-20 2021, Malta.

Jurymember at Med-Tech World Awards, Hilton Business Centre, St. Julian’s, Malta, 19th November, 2021.

Speaker Openingsmanifestatie ICT&health,  Jan 31, 2022 The Hague, The Netherlands.

Please come back soon as more will be anounced about this collaboration …

As a member of the project group INNOVATE we aim to facilitate safe & sustainable scale up of innovation between clinical departments Because implementation is often more complex than the innovation itself as successful implementation is an interplay of many factors like the technique itself, behavior of the people, process orchestration and organizational context. In this project will provide a scientific follow-up report, with examples & cases for other disciplines, in order these innovations reach our patients much earlier.


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