A catalyst for technology in healthcare

The digital technology we use every day outside the workplace is still not mainstream in the healthcare sector. I believe this creates an unacceptable risk, because healthcare professionals lack crucial information for deciding the right treatment for their patients. This is a big problem in the medical field that can cause grave harm and even cost people’s lives!

Meet Gabriëlle

Gabriëlle Speijer MD

Radiation Oncologist, founder of CatalyzIT

As a radiation oncologist, I apply modern technology to healthcare processes every day. But much progress remains to be made in this area. I developed CatalyzIT to help healthcare professionals and administrators effectively use technology for communication and making treatment decisions. My goal is to create data-driven doctors who know their patients’ complete health situation, allowing them to make the best decisions for and together with their patients. This is the only way we can return to our roots: offering compassionate, personal healthcare!

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presentations and workshops about technology, mindset and culture
(effectively integrating and using technology in healthcare and creating the associated required mindset and culture)


to Boards of Directors about the role of ICT in healthcare


of up-and-coming doctors through knowledge institutes
(so they can experience the added value of technology in healthcare at their practice)